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Peer-to-Peer trading

Peer-to-Peer Trading: P2P trading is a localised tech-based market trading, wherein the prosumer intelligently manages their load to optimise consumption cost and to maximise revenue from rooftop solar & battery storage system

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Increasing Efficiency through Gross Bidding Mechanism

India has moved from a power deficit scenario to a surplus scenario, achieving an installed capacity of 382 GW against the peak demand of 187 GW during fiscal year 2020-21. In this scenario, it is important that the generators are dispatched based on merit order i.e., from lower cost to higher cost for efficient utilisation of resources.

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Achieving Renewable Aspirations: The CfD Model

The government of India has set up an ambitious target to set up 175 GW of installed generation capacity from Renewable Energy Sources by 2022, and to further scale it up to 450 GW by 2030. Currently, renewable energy capacity in India is added mainly through competitive bid route, with SECI being the nodal agency, and the developer and beneficiaries enter long-term PPA of 25 years.

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Microgrids: Technology-led disruption & hybridiSation to lead to consumeriSation and new market models

The energy sector is witnessing unprecedented transformation in energy production & consumption, driven by the 4Ds - De-carbonisation, De-centralisation, Democratisation and Digitalisation. The impact of climate change on energy sector is not only limited to harnessing cleaner energy but it is further churning the energy-mix with ongoing electrification of automobiles.

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Role of DerivAtives in Deepening the Power Market

World over, Power Market plays a crucial role in providing a platform for competitive sourcing of electricity as well supporting the overall transition of the energy sector from the perspective of 4Ds: De-carbonisation, Digitalisation, De-centralisation, and Democratisation.

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Renewable Capacity Addition through Sale of Green Attributes – The Virtual PPA Mechanism

The corporates are increasingly striving to buy power from renewable energy sources to meet the Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) obligations, which are considered necessary for attracting institutional investments and creating sustainable business model for the future.

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Capacity Markets: A Fillip For India’s Power Sector

Securing investment and delivering reliable power supply to consumers at a reasonable price has always been a central objective of power market design. Markets across the world have adopted various approaches to this challenge to ensure access to round-the-clock power supply at competitive rates in a reliable manner.

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